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"Long live confusion!"

Vedomosti, July 9. 2024

Kneissl called the legal situation in the EU medieval

"Things are becoming more and more irrational": Kneissl on legal norms in Western countries

RT, June 27, 2024

"Europe's frog swamp"

Vedomosti, June 12, 2024

Former Austrian Foreign Minister Kneissl announced the West's plans to destroy Russia

News. RU,  June 8, 2024

A presentation of Kneissl's book "Requiem for Europe" took place in St. Petersburg

TASS, June 8, 2024

Russians are fast learners and adapt to new reality at top speed – Karin Kneissl

RT, June 6, 2024

It is clear that the West has become part of the conflict, Kneissl said

RIA Novosti, June 6, 2024

The former head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry predicted a split in American society amid the US presidential elections

Business online, June 6, 2024

Naryshkin thanked Kneissl for defending historical truth

TASS, June 5, 2024

Russia vs West? A Talk with Karin Kneissl, Austria's Foreign Minister | Winter Latina Show

Nina Byzantina,  June 4, 2024

Karin Kneissl says Russia's coal strategy will work for decades

TASS, June 1, 2024

Former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl: a story of choice. Why she chose to live in Russia

May 26, 2024

Former Austrian foreign minister assessed the prospects of humanity’s abandonment of fossil fuels

April 23, 2024

Karin Kneissl: The Catholic Church is like a sports club | Collapse of the European Union | Donald Trump's problems

MAMIKINS TV,  April 11, 2024

"A symbol of powerlessness"

"Russia, which the collective West is trying to isolate with its "sanctions from hell", has shifted its main trade flows in an east-south-east direction, just as the British did the same in a west-north-west direction more than 200 years ago"

The Europeans want to go to Russia: Head Centre G.O.R.K.I. SPbU Karin Kneissl at the World Youth Festival.

"I was very impressed by this amazing willingness of people in Russia to overcome problems, no matter how difficult they are. I've been here since the fall, and I haven't heard such a formulation at all: "this is a problem”. That's the standard German answer. This is not the case in Russia, no matter at what level they encounter difficulties. This feature of Russians has been underestimated by those who impose sanctions."

Karin Kneissl attended the World Youth Festival 2024 in Sochi

At the session organized by the Russian Znanie Society she acted as a key speaker with a lecture "Sanctions - Symbols of Failure", explained how measures aimed at weakening the Russian economy turned into problems for those who took them.  Then Head of G.O.R.K.I. Centre SPbU participated in the "Human Capital" session, where discussed the real prospects for leaders in today's world. During the event, Karin Kneissl had an open dialogue with ladies and gentlemen on the "Multinational Unity" track. She also participated in a number of interviews for major Russian muss media. During the Forum Karin Kneissl had a conversation with young, ambitious people from around the world. We invite them to join our events at the G.O.R.K.I. Centre SPbU to continue discussion.

Karin Kneissl discusses the prospects for the development of AI technologies in a new article for Vedomosti

"Even to a non-specialist it was obvious that the topic of personal security requires a deep rethinking. And with each passing day, it is becoming more and more obvious that the future of artificial intelligence (AI) is firmly linked to war. American entrepreneur Ilon Musk, despite his long-standing fascination with "big data," has long warned of such deadly AI capabilities. Yet this is a future that has not yet arrived."

Vedomosti, February 28, 2024

"Fields of death on the land of Palestine"

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has compared the situation in the Gaza Strip to the siege of Leningrad. And in this sense, Russia's position on the dramatic events in Gaza is much clearer than that of the Arab world, which has been carrying the "Palestinian question" as a kind of symbolic torch for almost 80 years. But at the moment, the Palestinians have once again been abandoned by their Arab brothers to their own fate"

Vedomosti, February 19, 2024

"Science is silent"

"I started my teaching career at Russian universities in 2020 and continue to this day despite all the pressure... my Russian colleagues are no longer allowed to go backwards, and even articles in international academic journals are no longer accepted. I am among them as well, and I say this with pride and gratitude"

Vedomosti, February 8, 2024

“Lessons from Stirlitz”

“In the context of current geopolitical events and against the backdrop of the fact that artificial intelligence today controls both war games and real wars, such as the conflict in the Gaza Strip, the current NATO exercises are a very risky step. Some kind of video fake a la deep fake or other provocation may well trigger an unpredictable chain reaction.”

“Germany is on the edge”

“Against the backdrop of the many socio-economic problems facing Germany, the three-party coalition government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz is criticized from all sides, and, according to opinion polls, it now enjoys the trust of less than 20% of Germans.”

Vedomosti, January 23, 2024

"Never wage war against the Yemeni"

In this article she explains why the USA and UK have entered an open war with Iran by attacking the Houthi Ansar Allah in Yemen.

Vedomosti, January 16, 2024

Head of the G.O.R.K.I. center Karin Kneissl commented for Vedomosti on the political situation in France:

“Something wrong is happening today in the French Republic, where the royal favorite has more weight than government ministers. Once upon a time, the king's favorite was the Marquise de Pompadour. And we must admit that this lady had greater political instincts than other characters of the Parisian сourt in 2024.”

Vedomosti, January 12, 2024

Interview with Karin Kneissl on BBC in December 2023

BBC, December 8, 2023

Business trip to the Far East: Karin Kneissl is an honorary doctorate from the Pacific State University

In the intellectual center of the Pacific State University, the head of the GORKI Center, Karin Kneissl, and the G.O.R.K.I expert, doctor of historical sciences at St. Petersburg State University, Nikita Lomagin, conducted an intensive seminar for students on energy security issues on December 18 and 19.

In addition to the intensive course, Professor Kneissl delivered an open lecture on the topic “Perspectives for Russia’s turn to the East and the role of the Far East as a region in international relations”.

In addition, Karin Kneissl was awarded an honorary doctorate of the Pacific State University.



Ex-head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry was named ambassador of Russian education and science

IZ.RU, November 23, 2023


The lecture at the Faculty of Asian and African Studies at SPbU

On November 20th, the Faculty of Asian and African Studies at SPbU hosted a lecture by Dr. Karin Kneissl, head of G.O.R.K.I.

Lecture topic: “Territory, history and religion in the Israeli-Palestinian dilemma, with an update on the drama”

Photo 2024-01-03 03.15.07Photo 2024-01-03 03.13.09Photo 2024-01-03 03.20.23



Karin Kneissl in an interview with Ekaterina Strizhenova for the program "Самое время" on 1tv channel

In the studio of the program "It's About Time" Karin Kneissl, the head of the G.O.R.K.I center, talks about the difficulties she had to overcome personally, as well as share her opinion on the global transformation that is taking place all over the world today.



The EU’s energy security now rests in Turkey’s hands


Global finance vs global energy: who will come out on top?


BBC HARDtalk - Karin Kneissl - Austria's Former Foreign Minister

May 8, 2023


Interview with Asia Times on Europe’s decline and Asia’s rise


There Is Tremendous Mismanagement in Energy Politics

In this interview for RT Karin Kneissl explains once more the many implications of freezing the newly constructed natural gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. Furthermore, she points out that recognition of a state is a declaratory measure, not necessarily a constitutive one.

youtube, 22.2.2022


The EU and UK ignored the looming gas crisis for too long

Guest comment on the dilemma of EU and UK energy supply management; the crisis is home-made and it takes more than an energy-transition

Independent, Feb 11th 2022


The Bolshevik Revolution and the Ukraine crisis: What can they possibly have in common?

Foreign interference in domestic affairs in Russia has a long tradition. Transporting Lenin from Geneva to St.Petersburg in 1917 led to the breakdown of the Russian Empire, Jan 31st 2022


'NATO Expansion Was a Big Mistake' - Fmr Austrian FM to RT

Karin Kneissl talks with RT on NATO and the Ukraine crisis



On Dec. 9th Karin Kneissl attended the MGIMO conference on diplomacy and education. Here are some thoughts she shared in an interview:

Karin Kneissl on the Universal Diplomat for the 21st Century






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