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There Is Tremendous Mismanagement in Energy Politics

In this interview for RT Karin Kneissl explains once more the many implications of freezing the newly constructed natural gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. Furthermore, she points out that recognition of a state is a declaratory measure, not necessarily a constitutive one.

youtube, 22.2.2022


The EU and UK ignored the looming gas crisis for too long

Guest comment on the dilemma of EU and UK energy supply management; the crisis is home-made and it takes more than an energy-transition

Independent, Feb 11th 2022


The Bolshevik Revolution and the Ukraine crisis: What can they possibly have in common?

Foreign interference in domestic affairs in Russia has a long tradition. Transporting Lenin from Geneva to St.Petersburg in 1917 led to the breakdown of the Russian Empire, Jan 31st 2022


'NATO Expansion Was a Big Mistake' - Fmr Austrian FM to RT

Karin Kneissl talks with RT on NATO and the Ukraine crisis



On Dec. 9th Karin Kneissl attended the MGIMO conference on diplomacy and education. Here are some thoughts she shared in an interview:

Karin Kneissl on the Universal Diplomat for the 21st Century