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Karin Kneissl

  • served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria from Dec. 2017 to June 2019
  • She studied law and Arabic at the University of Vienna 1983-1987, was granted a scholarship for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1988, where she accomplished her thesis research, later on studied in Amman and on a grant basis at GU Washington, DC. She is a graduate of ENA.
  • Karin joined the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1990, served in Paris and Madrid, as well as in the Legal office. She quitted the diplomatic service in october 1998 and turned into a freelance analyst. She has authored several books on energy, geopolitics and the Middle East.
  • In addition to her lectures (Vienna National Defence College, Frankfurt EBS, Beirut, Tehran etc) Karin keeps a tiny farm southeast of Vienna, where she lives and works.

Download Dr. Karin Kneissl's CV (pdf)