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In order to understand the Middle East, it helps to explore the energy dimension of this resource rich region.

Since the year 2000, Karin Kneissl lectures on geopolitics of oil and natural gas. She has been teaching energy related topics, inter alia, at the National Defense College Vienna, the Military Academy, the Diplomatic Academy etc. For the OSCE, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, she assumed several missions to Central Asia and completed studies on the political and economic role of natural gas in the area.  Among the universities which invite her as guest-lecturer are: Université Saint Joseph in Beirut, the European Business School EBS in the Frankfurt region, the Academy of Sciences of Slovenia.

In spring 2006, her book "Der Energiepoker" was published by the FinanzBuch Verlag in Munich. Two years later a second revised edition was launched. This book has become a reference in various business and academic circles. Karin Kneissl conducts briefings on trends in the energy business for companies in Austria, Germany, Turkey, Iran and beyond. OPEC, as well as energy developments from the Middle East to Central Asia and also subsaharan Africa are her regular topics of research. To present the bigger picture in her lectures, she follows attentively the electricity market and the role of renewables. The latter two topics, however, are not the main focus of her publications.

As an independent analyst she participates on a regular level in commodity seminars and energy debates. Karin Kneissl finances research and journeys by herself, in order to conduct her studies in an independent way.

In June 2021 elected as independent director of the board of Rosneft.

On May 20th, she resigned from the Board after she had informed the company already in early March that she was not running for a second mandate.




The election of Karin Kneissl as independent director in the Board of Directors received strong international media coverage


New director says Rosneft has exploration cost advantage, 7.6.2021

Neue „Rosneft“-Aufsichtsrätin Karin Kneissl: Endlich Frau in Spitzenamt eines Erdöl-Weltkonzerns, 4.6.2021




Antalya Diplomacy Forum

Upon the invitation by the Government of the Republic of Turkey Karin Kneissl attends the Antalya Diplomacy Forum from June 18th to 20th 2021 as a part of the energy panel.



OPEC workshop

The future of road and maritime transport shapes the oil-market - we discussed this at OPEC’s workshop. Will technology be the answer to our mobility or will strategic commodities continue to have their say?The future of road and maritime transport shapes the oil-market - we discussed this at OPEC’s workshop. Will technology be the answer to our mobility or will strategic commodities continue to have their say?

18. September 2019 - Vienna, Austria



OPEC Insight

Prior to the OPEC Ministerial Council on May 25, 2017 Karin Kneissl participate in the following OPEC Insight debate.


OPEC Oil Insight Debate

Karin Kneissl participated in the OPEC Oil Insight Debate at the eve of the OPEC ministerial meeting on Dec. 4th 2015 in Vienna


© Tom BirkettCitywire, Munich, 1.12.2015

Karin Kneissl was keynote speaker at the Fund Manager meeting hosted by Citywire in Munich on Dec. 1, 2015. Her topic was the current state of the oil-market.




2015 Wealth Management Retreat

Karin Kneissl was keynote speaker at the 2015 Wealth Management Retreat organized by Citywire in Hertfordshire.

The topic of her lecture was the role for geopolitics in an oversupplied oil-market.

Interview by Richard Lander

"Prepare for a Balkanisation of the Middle East", Review by Selin Bucak




There is no such thing as a European energy policy

Lars Schall, 11. September 2014


"The crux of today's civilization is energy"

Lars Schall, 23 July 2013


Energy Security and the Geopolitical dimensions of Fossil Fuel Availability

Podiumsdiskussion aspo2012 (Video)




Karin Kneissl: EU energy crisis is homemade, thanks to fixation on climate change while ignoring other aspects

The many reasons for the current energy price crisis: it is home-made., 5.10.2021


Will the alleged Alexey Navalny poisoning sink the Nord Stream 2 pipeline? It might, but it shouldn’t, 23.9.2020


Virtual OPEC+ meetings regulating a paper oil market can lead to slipping commitment and more volatility, 9.6.2020


The car is a symbol of freedom and mobility. Covid-19 isn’t going to change that, 6.5.2020


In an evolving multipolar world, OPEC’s role becomes more vital

OPEC bulletin, 7-8/19


Dr. Karin Kneissl: "Uncertainty in an oversupplied oil market", 4.8.2015


When importers turn to exporting oil and gas

Study on the natural gas explorations in the Levant Basin, published by the Moscow State Institute of International Relations in autumn 2014




Politics and Economics of the Energy Market

Training Seminar in Angola, May 14-15 2015