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In June 2021 elected as independent director of the board of Rosneft.

The election of Karin Kneissl as independent director in the Board of Directors received strong international media coverage


New director says Rosneft has exploration cost advantage, 7.6.2021

Neue „Rosneft“-Aufsichtsrätin Karin Kneissl: Endlich Frau in Spitzenamt eines Erdöl-Weltkonzerns, 4.6.2021


‘The situation is very ambiguous’ - Karin Kneissl on Nord Stream 2 and Western sanctions, 13.12.2021, youtube


The entente not so cordiale: Anglo-French relations are at their lowest ebb for decades thanks to Brexit

From rivalry to partnership and back to conflict: the Anglo-French relationship., 9.10.2021


Karin Kneissl: EU energy crisis is homemade, thanks to fixation on climate change while ignoring other aspects

The many reasons for the current energy price crisis: it is home-made., 5.10.2021


Russia end the Oriental Question revisited

le monde essay, Cercle Diplomatique 2/2021, pdf


Karin Kneissl: Solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict have been known for decades, 19.5.2021


Karin Kneissl: Are sanctions the sharp sword of a strong foreign policy, or a sign of weakness?, 30.4.2021


Karin Kneissl: Jordan’s royal dynasty is volatile, but it’s a matter for Jordanians to solve themselves, 7.4.2021


Karin Kneissl: The US and Saudi Arabia have always had a messy alliance. How much is Biden prepared to shake it up?, 2.3 2021


The new Middle Eastern normal

Le Monde Essay, Cercle Diplomatique 1/2021


Karin Kneissl's comment on the visit by EU High Repräsentative Josep Borrell to Moscow on Febr. 5th, 2021, 9.2.2021


Arabian slights: How a deepfake video caused a rift in the Arab world and led to a three-year blockade of Qatar

Having followed the Qatar crisis for years some thoughts on the deep rift and some possible developments, 5.1.2021



The Arabic programme of RT conducted an interview with Karin Kneissl about diplomacy, current topics and why I appreciate the Arabic language

Youtube, 30.7.2020


France-Turkey naval clash: Proxy war in Libya enters a new stage, 27.7.2020


Staying grounded or crashing and burning? The airline industry is facing the worst crisis in its history, 20.7.2020


DiplomatieMachtGeschichteNew Book out now: "DIPLOMATIE MACHT GESCHICHTE"

ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy recommends the book









‘Nothing new’ in saying EU can’t rely on American defense, but it is still needed – Austria’s ex-foreign minister to RT

RT interview on a European army July 15th, 2020


Surviving assassination attempts and being kidnapped by Carlos the Jackal: The extraordinary life of the oil man who was Mr OPEC, 30.6.2020


The EU’s eye-wateringly expensive Covid-19 rescue plan is likely to only widen the trench between North and South, 2.6.2020


Nord Stream 2: Geopolitics, economics or emotions?, 25.5.2020


Netfonds 2020

On the occasion of the annual opening by Netfonds in Hamburg  on February 28/29, I lectured on „Geopolitics - the new catchword by the EU and the old strategy by superpowers, What does it mean for the automotive industry?“ Chris Hammer and his team have made Netfonds an important forum for investors in Germany. What an impressive developments since my last attendance in February 2017.

The West turns its back on the Western Balkans

In January 2020 Karin Kneissl took part in a roundtable discussion, traditionally organised by the Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR) in Ljubljana. She believes that bilateral talks will weigh on multilateralism in the future, meaning that both the world and Southeastern Europe will increasingly return to the old rails of classic bilateral diplomacy. "Southeastern Europe has been and remains a theater of great foreign powers," said Dr. Karin Kneissl.

Adriatic Journal


Dialogue of Continents

Karin Kneissl will attend the session on multilateralism at the Dialogue of Continents, she will focus on the decline in diplomatic craft.